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An immersive musical theatre intensive development accelerator harnessing AI  and mixed reality technologies to advance the future of storytelling.


Using THEatre ACCELERATOR and the latest technologies to gain insight on women’s stories and their powerful place in the future of storytelling


Where humanity and technology dance to the rhythm of story.

About Apples and Oranges Arts:

Beginning in 2008 Apples and Oranges undertook the daunting challenge of debunking the old myth that artists must be starving to create their best work. Across the globe stories inspire us to elevate our humanity, why shouldn’t we do the same for those that create these stories?  

At Apples and Oranges Arts, we empower artists to become creative entrepreneurs by probing educational platforms, technology acumen and a thriving community of new and expanded voices. 

Through traditional, digital and XR pathways, we advocate for the next generation of stories and storytellers in order to “Take the Starving Out of Artist.”

Our Digital Approach:

Apples and Oranges Arts has been a leader in guiding the theater industry into the virtual world.

Through our THEatre ACCELERATOR program, we accelerate artists and stories by blending proven story fundamentals with technology startup methodologies. With BroadVersity, we push the boundaries of the theatrical art form by exploring the intersection of live entertainment and new realities.

Every day, we innovate new and exciting ways for theatergoers to enjoy content ranging from streamed, digital content to interactive and immersive mixed reality experiences. We committed advocates of diverse, unique stories from varying worldwide perspectives.

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Applying the model that accelerates technology start-ups, THEatre ACCELERATOR treats storytellers as founders creating an opportunity to interact with experts in storytelling, branding, production, distribution, and mentors in the business of show business, technology and finance.  The program explores audience fit and market potential as they relate to, and inform, creative development of musical theater works.

What Past Participants Have to Say:

Jason Ma

Gold Mountain Spring 2017 Class

THEatre ACCELERATOR provided me with clarity, a new understanding of how my piece fits into the musical theater eco-system, and the tools to create momentum, messaging and ultimately, interest and opportunity for Gold Mountain.

Lauren Gundrum

PharmabroSpring 2018 Class

Apples and Oranges changed the way I evaluate new ideas. I still start from a place of what is artistically interesting to me, but I’m also thinking about the potential audience and what kind of production will best serve the story as I write. These tools are incredibly valuable in helping identify where a show belongs, how to market it, and how to develop it so that it can actually reach an audience.

Tor Hyams & Lisa St. Lou

Stealing Time Fall 2017 Class

After participating in the THEatre ACCELERATOR program, we were better equipped to structure our shows. Based on the discussions of show theme and logline, we have found our writing is now particularly honed to our central message. The course was instrumental is creating efficiency for our process.

Kristin Bair & Kevin Hammonds

Up and Away Winter 2019 Class

The process that the THEatre ACCELERATOR asks you to undergo in order to develop your five-minute “Sing Tank” pitch helps you to understand your show so much better, because you are forced, again and again, to advocate for what makes your show special, compelling, and worthy of producing.

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