Fall 2019 Cohort

Sing Tank

#THEatreACCELERATOR culminates in a live Shark-Tank-style pitch session where participants present their shows to theatre and tech industry veterans.

This supportive, dynamic pitchfest provides valuable feedback which guides the shows towards the next step in their trajectory. Wonder how to talk about a show you have in development? Want to get a sense of what pitching a show looks like? Just really love to cheer on new musical theatre? Join us for our livestream by watching here or by subscribing to our YouTube Channel to be notified as soon as the stream starts!

The Shows

At First Sight


Gary Jaffe 

Book, Music & Lyrics

Brandon Lambert

Carry Me


Matthew Greene

Music & Lyrics

Kira Stone

Game Development
The Musical

Book, Music & Lyrics

Andrew Lum

Goldrush 2.0

Book & Lyrics

Anne Nygren Doherty


Mark Mendelson

Khan!!! The Musical!!!

Book, Music & Lyrics

Brent Black

Co-conceiver/ Additional Material

Dany Roth

Sherlock The Musical


Stefan Van De Graaff

Book, Music & Lyrics

Denning Burton


John Donovan Wilson

Stupid Humans


Matt Hawkins

Book, Music & Lyrics

Jorge Rivera-Herrans


Supportive White Parents

Book & Lyrics

Joy Regullano


Sam Johnides & Tony Gonzalez


Frank Caeti

The Mentors

Deborah Barrera

Founder / Producer

Firemused Productions /
An American in Paris

Matt Conover

Vice President, Disneyland

Disney Parks Live Entertainment

Sara Deshpande

Partner / Investor

Maven Ventures

Robert Diamond

CEO & Editor-in-chief

Jim Glaub

Owner / Founder

Super Awesome Friends

Renee Kaplan

CEO / Founder

The Philanthropy Workshop / Future Workplace Inc.

Frank Kavanaugh

Founder / Producer

Fort Ashford Investments /
An American in Paris

Jonathan Ledden

Founder / Investor

Bay Lake Ventures


Donna Lynn Hilton


Godspeed Musicals

Mina Morita

Artistic Director / Director

Crowded Fire Theatre 

Garen Scribner

Actor / Dancer

An American In Paris

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