Dance as a Storyteller

Explore the ways dance can impact elements of storytelling in any show through the example of how it shaped An American in Paris through the masterful hands of director Christopher Wheeldon.

The Brothers Gershwin

George and Ira Gershwin are regarded as two of the most influential songwriters and composers in history. Learn more about their lives, their work, and how it’s still impacting musical theatre to this day.

Product Market Fit and Musical Theatre

When developing a new Broadway musical we traditionally keep our product, or as many people would say “our musical” or “our show”, hidden during the early developmental stages, but it’s important to find your Product Market Fit early.

Become a Broadway Producer: Everything You Need to Get Started

Should you want to attend the opening night of a Broadway show, have access to the best seats in the house and take selfies with cast members, you face multiple paths to joining the ranks of producing on Broadway. The easiest path, write a check! Today’s vast majority of producers fill the role of co-producers. They invest X amount of dollars and in exchange join the producing team at one of the predefined levels.

Should you want a more active role then one step becomes an infinite set of choices that define a life in the theatre.


At Apples and Oranges Studios we continually muse on the future of musical theatre and could speak or sing on the subject for hours (in fact, we have). For nearly a decade we’ve been producing Tony Award winning musicals like Memphis, Hair, and An American in Paris....

How to Be a Producer for the Future: Getting to the Why

Simon Sinek said it concisely: “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Learn more about the what, why, and how of being a producer in a world experimenting with new technology every day. The tools may change, but the most critical elements remain the same.