Our Mission: Take the Starving Out of Artist

Founded upon one basic belief, “Taking the Starving out of the Artist”, Apples and Oranges Arts welcome storytellers of every background to create new narratives for the betterment of the world’s stage. 

Apples and Oranges Arts – Misson

At Apples and Oranges Arts, we educate our creatives to give them the tools to understand the demands of “The Business of Show.” We empower each creative to be their own CEO. We infuse the newest technologies into traditional storytelling to create new realities. By welcoming, educating and empowering artists, we invest in the storytellers of our future.

How We Help 

With the rise of virtual entertainment, we believe that there are multiple paths to success for theater artists. We’ve partnered with creatives and are exploring technology to craft new and different distribution methods, including virtual productions, online experiences and VR/XR. We think the process looks more like this.


Through our THEatre ACCELERATOR program we teach artists how to grow their audiences and “feed” themselves rather than “starving” on the way to Broadway.

We integrate traditional methods of narrative and skills development with a tech startup approach and bold use of technology. Our artists come away with the know-how and tools to create new work and connect to audiences in new and different ways.

Our Initiatives

While recent events have dampened the theater industry, we are proudly becoming leaders in transitioning theater to virtual. For more information about how we are helping artists in today’s world, including virtual production, education, live events and more, click below. 

With your help, we can continue offering our services and programs free of charge to artists.