Broadway Tech Accelerator

Founders, Pamela and Tim Kashani’s tech company IT Mentors works alongside with the Shubert Organization to lead the way to supporting the next generation of Tech Innovations on Broadway.

BROADWAY TECH ACCELERATOR (BTA) is a new start-up accelerator venture established by The Shubert Organization, Exponential Creativity Ventures and IT Mentors designed to foster innovation in the live entertainment sector. The program will help entrepreneurs access the tools they need to fast-track their early-stage technology businesses. 

BTA will work with founders to enhance, refine and accelerate their progress in infrastructure, product development, market fit, customer/client acquisition, scalability, profitability, as well as providing strategies to attract follow-on capital infusion. 

BTA combines the theatre business experience of Broadway’s Shubert Organization with the capital investment abilities of Exponential Creativity Ventures and the unique technology development and training assets of IT Mentors. Supplemented by a network of top-executives and professionals in the entertainment space, Broadway Tech will provide participants with a comprehensive view and understanding of the live entertainment business landscape.

Filmed Staged Musicals

Apples and Oranges Studios (the sister company of Apples and Oranges Arts) have developed two Filmed Staged Musicals both standing as a proof-of-concept for potential avenues for revenue for THEatre ACCELERATOR shows – video content, digitally streamed, always-available.

No One Called Ahead

No One Called Ahead follows Ben as he seeks a weekend getaway but gets more than he bargained for when he begins to receive a series of visits from several astonishing women from the great beyond. As each encounter further rocks his world view, Ben asks himself if this night is going to forever change the way he lives, loves and creates.


Come journey with Emma Woodhouse as she navigates the unwieldy world of matchmaking and all the consequences. Emma relishes her role as puppet master of the heart until the strings begin unraveling and cause palpable pain to those she meant to unite. Matters turn worse as she finds herself hopelessly caught up in the romantic web and must face her own faults and fears.

University of California, Irvine

As alums of UCI, our Founder, Tim Kashani, and developer, Zach Anderson, have built an on-going relationship with the university to help educate students through arts and sciences to bring new innovative ideas to life. Below is a look at the many projects we’ve worked on as a part of this program.

We have built numerous musical-theatre focused experiences and tools in collaboration with faculty and students from both the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Science as well as the Claire Trevor School of the Arts:

  • A virtual reality musical theatre karaoke experience where players can stand on a Broadway stage and perform a number from their favorite show with a group of friends in realtime!
  • An interactive story set in the world of (THEatre ACCELERATOR alum!) The Next Fairy Tale where players could explore an in-depth subplot and have conversations with characters from the show.
  • A script-analysis tool aimed at helping shows and venues find each other through use of computer algorithms to analyze a musical theatre script and match shows with venues (and vice-versa) based off of the data gained from this analysis.
  • An innovative augmented reality set building tool focused on providing set designers and show producers a way to pre-visualize sets in three dimensions prior to actually building anything.