One small step in a big and wondrous journey! The night before the big Science Fair seventeen-year-old high school student LUMINA works feverishly in her makeshift Santa Ana garage lab amidst the storage bins and holiday garland. She must win first place to gain the lifechanging college scholarship, but nothing works as the competition approaches tomorrow morning. She won’t be defeated but she doubts herself. “Is she good enough?” “Can girls do science?” Through a bit of magic and holiday spirit, a fantastical science fairy appears and takes LUMINA, her younger sibling, and her adorable robot friend on a wild journey through magical lands where she realizes the importance of the scientific process, accepting failure, leading from her heart and the support of community and family. Finally, with the stunning Winter Lights surrounding her, LUMINA comes to the epiphany that nothing matters without driving passion to make the world a better place. With renewed confidence the trio return to their garage. Will her experiment work? Come to the Discovery Cube and be swept away in a winter wonderland filled with spectacle, original songs and the holiday spirit!


The music of WINTER LIGHTS pulls from contemporary Broadway, pop, hip hop and Latin genres to create an energetic and fun vibe. Six musical numbers range from moving ballads to “get stuck in your head” dance tunes that take the listener on an eclectic aural odyssey that highlights the enchanting story.